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First Steps

The history of Olip S.p.A. began in 1972 in Colà di Lazise, a small town near Lake Garda, where the heart of the company still stands today. Since its establishment, the founder Piero Oliosi pursued a precise vision: combine tradition, innovation and craftsmanship to the Italian excellence with the aim of meeting the tastes and styles of different international cultures. Always attentive to the constant changes in the market and lifestyles, Oliosi places Olip S.p.A. on the high end of the market, keeping its products always current and constantly evolving.
Next to Piero Oliosi, there are his sons Camilla and Cristian who, with enthusiasm and passion, work alongside in management of the company. Both joined the company at a young age and cultivate respectively the love for fashion and the knowledge of the footwear production processes. Responsible of different business areas, they share the same values of the father that over the time are the same, pursuing the initial dream. Today, Olip S.p.A. owns the A.S.98, Mjus and Margarjta brands. All the brands of the group have their own specific identity, sharing the same ideals, high quality, originality and endless creativity.
Direzione Olip

“Next to Piero Oliosi, there are his sons Camilla and Cristian who, with enthusiasm and passion, work alongside in management of the company”



We strongly believe in teamwork, in value of collaboration and positive stimuli generated by comparison and this is why our team has always been made up of designers, researchers and testers that work together to create unique collections in terms of design and comfortable in terms of fit. In circumstances with constantly evolving markets, it is crucial to be even faster to keep up with the times. This is why, starting from the beginning of 2020, the usual production will be implemented with a new production method with the aid of next-generation automated machines.



The company’s mission is not simply to create footwear in line with fashion trends, but to design products that are able to represent the personalities of those wearing them. Olip S.p.A.’s mission consists of 3 priorities:
  • Meet all the customer’s needs by offering the best footwear in terms of quality, comfort and design;
  • Be creative and innovative;
  • Give the opportunity to those who buy our product to express themselves completely freely.
The constant focus on these three important factors makes it possible to create genuinely unique, original and trendy creations.
A.S.98 was established in 2014 as a rebranding of the AirStep brand, created in 1998. The path of this brand has always been highly explorative, to bring an overview of contemporary Italian style to the global market. The collections are all the result of the creative spirit of a team of designers with a deep passion for the world of fashion. From the outset, the brand stood out for its innovative and yet artisanal spirit, for an original communication strategy and for a high and selective positioning according to the brand philosophy. A.S.98 identifies itself as a superior range of leather, shoes and fashionable accessories for both men and women. In five years, it created collections that mix passion and a strong personality with a rock attitude, all supported by a strong Italian tradition. A.S.98 has no rules, it is unique and never conventional.

Visit the website as-98.com

It was 2007 when the founder Piero Oliosi decided to build, in view of the previous great success, a new line called Mjus. The idea was to replicate the same tradition and innovation that Olip put in the A.S.98 line, but with a more modern and elegant side, suitable to be worn on different occasions and more accessible. Mjus is a brand featuring footwear and accessories that stand out for the high quality of the materials used and attention to detail. The female line is dedicated to a free and confident women, seeking essential and natural elegance. Mjus women prefer a fresh and clean look and comfortable but not trivial footwear, which makes them unique and helps them face the challenges of everyday life. The male line is inspired by the world of travel, free spirit and rebellious mood. Mjus men are wild spirits, nonconformists and aware of their choices, who choose their own style without being influenced by others and with a single belief: abandon the frills and excesses to reduce everything to the bare essentials and to the “naturally” beautiful. Collections have an unconventional style, they are diverse and eclectic and were designed to surprise, thanks to the use of precious materials and to the great attention to detail; a product that is always balanced between craftsmanship and innovation.
Visit the website mjus-shoes.com

Margarjta is the new Capsule Collection by Mjus, sneakers with essential lines in which prints, leather and stones blend together to create a truly unique collection. The design uses chromatic details of 4 different themes, all with a single denominator: simplicity and freshness. Margarjta is available in 14 versions, developed on a white or black base, each defining the mood in detail on the back. From the linearity of classic black&white to the warm colours of the savannah, from the graphics of murals that distinguish the urban city to the glossy detail that embellishes the shoe.

Visit the website margarjta.it

Not Only Shoes


There are some places where it is worth living for the stories they can tell.

Behind the perfect design of our Resort’s impressive façade you will be surprised to discover, little by little, the beauty, charm, faces and stories of this corner of the world. You will find hints about everything and have an excuse for getting away from it all. We are Craftsmen of Hospitality, welcoming you with bedrooms that are happy places to live and have comfortable beds where you can dream sweet dreams.

Our Resort is located in Hungary, on the border with Austria (12 km) and Slovenia (50 km), in a strategic position, one hour from Graz, two hours from Vienna, Budapest and Ljubljana, while Bratislava is less than two hours away.

Opened in 2016, Mjus World covers 100,000 square meters of land, of which 48,000 of green areas with gardens and fountains. 122 rooms, 6 restaurants and bars, 4 conference rooms all with natural light, bowling, a thermal park with 4 spectacular swimming pools and a panoramic spa are just some of the services that you will find waiting for you.

Visit the website mjusworld.com



For Olip S.p.A. sustainability is the backbone of every daily activity, with an eye to the future and long-term value creation. Both Olip Italia and the Bosnian branch have the SA8000 certificate which, following two six-monthly checks, confirms that the company complies with safety and cleanliness in the workplace, ensuring that employees are treated fairly.

At Olip the search for honesty, fairness and transparency is fundamental in a relationship with all stakeholders. What’s more, we consider each of our staff members as an important, strategic and essential resource and we are committed to making them grow from a professional point of view. We also aim to guarantee a fair workplace, in which the worker is not subject to discrimination of any kind and where equal opportunities are a must.



Since the early 1980s, the Italian facility has been supported by the owned factory located in Travnik, Bosnia. Thanks to the excellent results, the company immediately expanded its production capacity both in terms of assembly lines and staff. Subsequently, in December 1993, the second branch in Hungary was inaugurated. Serbia, Poland, Russia and China then followed in order, ending up in Iraq, thus reaching approximately 20,000 pairs of shoes produced per day, at full capacity. Since then, evolution has been continuous, with fast growth. After a few years, the parent company decided to concentrate all its energies on the Bosnian factory, thus creating a single production centre capable of meeting the numerous demands of the market, ensuring efficiency, production speed and cuttingedge machinery. Between 2006 and 2008 the production, the design of the collections and the installations were completely revised and re-planned. The result was a factory capable of producing about 6,000 pairs of shoes per day on 7 production lines in over 12,000 m2.



Today the factory in Travnik, with about 1,500 employees, is among the largest shoe factories in the area and, thanks to the recent relaunch, it is also one of the most productive. In the complex footwear production chain, each stage is carefully controlled by the parent company: from the design of the products to the purchase of raw materials, from the purchase of new machinery to the start of production. “All materials are imported from Italy because Italian tanneries allow us to reach the typical roughness that characterises our leather” says Piero Oliosi, founder and owner of Olip S.p.A. The technological investments and the modern set-up of the production processes are the basis of the Olip S.p.A. strategy which, although it wants to maintain craftsmanship, it aims to integrate new advanced features. Piero Oliosi has thus built an effective organisation capable of meeting the customers’ demands directly and which constitutes a solid base for the A.S.98, Mjus and Margarjta brands.



The purchase of materials, like all the other production stages and the control of finished products, are centralized at the main facility in Italy. The processing of materials and leather, combined with the subsequent finishing stages, define a unique production capacity sought by global buyers. All this results in a much slower and more expensive process, but in line with the requirements of a conscious and attentive market. Once the leather has reached its destination, it is immediately dealt with by skilled workers.
The very high technical know-how granted a top level of handling materials and satisfying the demands of our designers: often it is a real collaboration between artists who, thanks to their creativity and their knowledge , are able to shape works of art into leather. Since there are no two identical pieces of leather, the single pair of shoes is unique, especially thanks to the handcrafted finish and the various decorations that are applied by hand.

Sales & marketing

The continuous consistency in marketing activities has given the A.S.98, Mjus and Margarjta brands a strong identity, with a personality that is immediately recognisable by the end consumer. The company believes that communication is of primary importance to convey the latest trends to all its customers. For this reason we have a strong social media presence, which allow you to stay up to date on the latest news. From the commercial point of view, A.S.98, Mjus and Margarjta continue along the path of strengthening and consolidating their image through single-brand stores and selecting and implementing new global partnerships that will extend the scope of the product. Beyond the Italian borders, the brand is constantly expanding and is present in many countries including France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, the UK, USA, Canada, Russia, Chile, Japan, Israel, Australia and South Korea. These strategies are implemented with the aim of strengthening and diversifying the DNA brand, obtaining the status of a complete brand and recognition, thanks to strictly Italian products of exceptional quality.

Ethical Certification

The social report is the voluntary tool with which Olip intends to communicate to all interested parties, internal and external, the performance of its corporate social responsibility system, with a view to continuous improvement.